Friday, 23 March 2012

This Months Sport Headlines

This month is sport I will be look at the Olympic trials and the Nab Cup.

First up the Nab Cup! The game was West Coast Eagles vs Adelaide. I saw parts of the game and while the Eagles were in front for a while Adelaide just kept kicking goal after goal! Adleaide eventually won the Nab Cup. I would also like to mention Jim Stynes who has sadly lost his battle with cancer. He was a great footballer and from what I've seen a kind man too.

The Olympic Trials!!! Ian Thorpes attempted comeback has failed but he says he will try again in 2016. Another comback story is Libby Tricket unlike Thorpes failed comeback Libby has gained a place in the 4 x 100 team. Not to mention Stephanie Rice qualifying for the 200m individual medley and 400m individual medley. Congrats to all the swimmers! There will be more info on the olympic trials hopefully very soon!

As there have been so much sport related news I've just covered the headlines.

More News Soon